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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Professor Hex's Monster A-Go-Go! 
It's time for the 2nd Annual Professor Hex's Monster A-Go-Go Show!

For readers in the Kansas City area, be sure to stop by the Empire Room (334 31st St - (816) 561-2640) this Thursday night for the scariest monster show ever put on stage! I have travelled the world collecting these monstrous specimens and teaching them to go-go dance for your amusement. Don't miss this once a year spookstravaganza!

Here are some pictures from last year's show.

She Creature, Draculina, The Wild Woman of Borneo, Amazonia

The Wild Woman of Borneo


The She Creature from the Hot Lagoon

Wolfboy calls his agent

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Treasure on Ebay 
Another side of the treasures in Britain story.

THE British Museum pleaded yesterday with the internet auction company eBay to stop selling ancient artefacts unearthed by people who have apparently failed to report their discoveries under the Treasure Act.

Found: 50,000 treasures unearthed by Britain's amateur archaeologists.

Maybe I'll break out the detector this weekend.

See also this treasure story about a man who found a Roman magical charm in some topsoil. The charm is one of five found in Britain, and of no more than a few dozen from anywhere in the Roman empire.

Happy hunting.

Living life as a witch isn't everything you might think it is 
A profile of Starhawk.

Big lies and the Bush Administration. Very well written.

Minister charged with fondling after hypnosis 
Giving hypnotists a bad name

Collection of Folklore Asthma Remedies 
And also bronchitis and hay fever.

Odd creature, killed in East Texas, identified 
You no good mangey coyote . . .

Fort Oglethorpe home may be gateway to the supernatural  

The Columbia University 'Miracle' Study: Flawed and Fraud  

The Straight Facts On Ghosts  

Do you think that giving tours of paranormal attractions is a viable idea for tourism in Kansas? 
Let's hope so.

Bush and the Media Cover Up the Jihad Schoolbook Scandal 
Has the U.S. government intentionally created unrest in Afghanistan by indoctrinating several generations in fanaticism?

Note that this article states the textbook program began in the early eighties. Draw your own conclusions.

The Mad Gasser of Mattoon 
An article on Scott Maruna author of The Mad Gasser of Mattoon: Dispelling the Hysteria.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Sox had a secret weapon for win 
Sox had a secret weapon for win: the blessing of a Navajo Code Talker.

Real-life ghostbusters investigate paranormal activity across the country 
Ghosts, ghosts, and more ghosts.

Superstitions were named by doubters 
How the Superstition Mountains got their name.

Wanda Jackson's rockabilly legend keeps on rolling 
I thought Rikki over at PoppetProjects would like this article about rockabilly great Wanda Jackson.

Mysteries haunt Yosemite and Groveland hotels 
Yosemite National Park has many loyal visitors, but perhaps the most loyal are those of the ghostly variety, many of which are said to have inhabited the historic halls of The Ahwahnee and Wawona Hotel for years.

Light shed on mysterious Caucasian community in China 
Chinese archaeologists have started unearthing hundreds of tombs in an arid north-western region once home to a mysterious civilisation that most likely was Caucasian, state media said today.

Norwegian Mountaineering news and Mystery lights 
The mysterious Hessdalen Lights.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Woman Could Have Longest Eyelash 
"You know, you'd be kind of cute if it wasn't for that GIANT FREAKING EYELASH!"

The owner of said eyelash goes by the Dickensian name of Mel Grubbe.

R.I.P., Lucifer D. Satan 

Origins of aquatic 'blob' a mystery  
A rare, primitive life form invades North Brunswick.

Mystery Animal Quest Continues 

Luther's lavatory thrills experts 
Archaeologists in Germany say they may have found a lavatory where Martin Luther launched the Reformation of the Christian church in the 16th Century.

The scholar suffered from constipation and spent many hours in contemplation on the toilet seat.

I do some of my best thinking in there as well.

Thanks to Ian for the heads up.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

From Grave to Cradle 
Willy von Bracht's woodworking company, Sweet Earth Caskets, makes affordable pine boxes that can double as shelving units until you, uh, need them.

They also make cradles. Really nice ones.

STF will now look for Veerappan's 'treasure' 

A fish story 
Giant fish, giant fish story.

Link found at The Anomalist.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Godzilla to get star on Walk of Fame 

Alternative energy machine all at sea 

Mystery Animal Found In Lufkin 
With slide show.

Marijuana 'petition' actually voter registration form  
Students, who last month signed a petition that was being circulated on the Blue Bell campus to legalize marijuana for primarily medicinal purposes, now are finding out that they are registered Republicans.

Man, I was so high when I signed that . . .

The 9/11 Secret in the CIA's Back Pocket 
It is shocking: The Bush Administration is suppressing a CIA report on 9/11 until after the election, and this one names names. Although the report by the inspector general's office of the CIA was completed in June, it has not been made available to the Congressional intelligence committees that mandated the study almost two years ago.

What are they hiding?

Welsh 'wallaby' thought to be fox 
RSPCA officers now think the 'wallaby' that's been spotted hopping around Cardiff is in fact an injured fox.

Lantana man captivated by mystery of lost squadron 
The Devil's Triangle.

The mystery of Veerappan's missing moustache 
Is this how the legend of Jesse James surviving got started?

Famed Indian outlaw Veerappan has only been "dead" since Monday but rumors of his survival have already started circulating. They all center around his mising legendary moustache. Be sure to click on the grisly photo show, if that's your sort of thing.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Ancient Chinese medicine's anti cancer properties 
A group of promising cancer-fighting compounds derived from a substance used in ancient Chinese medicine will be developed for potential use in humans, the University of Washington announced today.

Sea Monster Theories Flood In 
Tucked away in this article is the following startling observation:

Dr Brian McCusker, of Newcastle University, rang to say when he has been fishing off the St Bees and Seascale coast he has noticed weird inbred beasts. He said some of them are "like something from the Alien film" about four or five feet long.

Will someone please get a video camera down to St. Bees and Seascale?

The Power of Coincidence 
A Psychology Today article on coincidence in our lives. Highly recommended.

10th annual Hairy Man Festival 
Round Rock citizens often speak of a squatter who lived alone by Brushy Creek. Considering the land his private property, the man would hang from trees to scare stagecoaches away. Eventually, one of the coaches ran over him, but his spirit is said to haunt the surrounding area.

Unburied treasure 
It's the stuff of pirate legends, but don't waste your breath asking Joel Ruth on what stretch of Florida's Treasure Coast he found his hoard of Spanish pieces of eight -- waiting to be scratched out of the sand with bare fingers and toes.

Treasure hunters guard their secrets.

Especially, if like Ruth, they've just found about 180 near-mint silver coins worth more than $40,000.

Weird Science 
The Russian researcher Leon Theremin was supposed to build a better television. Instead he created the world's oddest musical instrument. Then things got really strange.

Psychic powers a quirk of the brain? 
Supposed psychic powers that enable people to see auras around others may simply be a quirk of the brain, according to a University College London (UCL) study of a rare form of synaesthesia where some people see colourful 'auras' around their loved ones.

Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library 
When in Ashland, Oregon, be sure to stop in at the Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Baker officials hope to ban 'satanic' holiday  
It's officially Hallowe'en season.

Police relaunch inquiry into Lord Lucan case 
Scotland Yard is making a fresh attempt to solve the Lord Lucan murder case, 30 years after the peer vanished having apparently killed his children's nanny in the belief that she was his wife.

Is this a live one? 
Is the Pollok Mystery Beast just a mangy coyote?

Police seek suspect in bizarre scam 
They're looking for a smooth-talking man who convinces women to re-enact sex crimes for him.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Scientists discover fourth form of life in Bradford! 
Scientists have identified a new, strange form of life at Bradford and the genetic analysis has revealed that the organism is so unlike anything else seen by scientists that it should perhaps be placed in its own category of living things.

Is Bush seriously ill? 
The "Bush Bulge" speculation has been raging on the internet since the first debate and Salon has an interesting article about the pros and cons or the bulge being a sound prompting device.

Salon also has an interesting observation by Dr. W. Kendall Tongier, M.D (scroll down) on possible explanations for Bush's droopy face and spittle accumulation in the corner of his mouth during the last debate.

And finally, WhatReallyHappened points out that the bulge may have been caused by this vest, designed as an intermediate-term treatment option for people at high risk for sudden cardiac arrest.

Bush has skipped his physical this year. Is he ill?

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Marathon legend Kelley dies at 97 

Great Places to Sleep With a Ghost  

Comic book artist maps ancient Rome 
I want a copy of this! Extremely cool.

East Texans share stories about seeing 'mystery beast' 

Probe spurs murder rumors 

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Pterosaurs among us? 

Another Texas Chupacabra? 
Local animal experts are having a hard time identifying a strange looking animal killed in Angelina County on Friday -- an animal that looks eerily similar to the as yet unidentified "Elmendorf Beast" killed near San Antonio earlier this year.

Technical expert: Bush was wired 
This story keeps gaining momentum in the mainstream media and these photos are worth a look. I don't see this going away for the president anytime soon.

The link is to Salon, so you might have to watch a short ad.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The Mystery of Acupuncture Proven Scientific  
Acupuncture and paralysis.

Noah floods still a mystery to experts 

Where's Columbus? 
Scholars had hoped that this would be the year they would finally have some hard evidence to help them identify the resting place of Christopher Columbus. But, after two years of forensic tests on remains held in Seville that were thought to be the explorer's, the mystery endures.

These guys have got balls 
A informative article on asyin diao gong, also known as genital qigong. In the States it is sometimes referred to as "Iron Penis".

With disturbing picture.

'UFO' Spotted Near Fort Wayne 
With pic.

Mama Stallone's psychic dogs predict Bush win 
What could I possibly add here?

B.C. town goes ape over statue of legendary sasquatch, toting a case of beer 

Searching for the 'Mayan Atlantis' 
A team of international archaeologists have set sail from Mexico to seek a sunken city that has been dubbed the "Mayan Atlantis".

Quoted by the Mexican newspaper Milenio, team leader Paulina Zelintzky, a Russian archaeologist, said sonar equipment had given indications there could be ancient structures on the ocean floor between Mexico's Yucatan peninsula and Cuba.

Evidence of 'jungle yeti' found 
Adam Davies and Andrew Sanderson have found further evidence of the Orang Pendek in Sumatra.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Satanic Violence Puts Black Cat Adoption on Hold 
Halloween and black cats go hand in hand, but after hearing about some real life horror stories the S-P-C-A`s across the state won`t let you adopt a black cat or dog until after October 31st.

Capitols popular with things that go bump in the night 

Witchcraft trials are part of Md., Va. history 

Ghost tales in New Orleans sigh on the wind in the city of old sin 
The Big Haunted Easy.

Complete Fabrication  
A crucial witness says her testimony in the West Memphis Three case wasn't true, but a product of police pressure to get results in the death of three children.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Detective doggedly pursues killer in 30-year-old case 
An article on the unsolved occult murder of Arlis Perry. Pery's murder in 1974 has been "linked" to the Son of Sam murders, the Zodiac Killer, the Manson Family, and the process Church of Final Judgement

Recently washed- up whale reminds of old legend  
A nice article on the Old Man of Monterey sea monster, including the intresting fact that the skull of a creature that washed up on Moore's Beach in 1925 is "now housed under lock and key in the California Academy’s Steinhart Aquarium in San Francisco".

Friday, October 08, 2004

Big Brother In Your Car  
Deep inside the United States Department of Transportation, Big Brother is rearing his head. On the third floor of the USDOT building in the heart of Washington, DC, a shadowy government agency that doesn't respond to public inquiries about its activities is coordinating a plan to use monitoring devices to catalogue the movements of every American driver.

According to this article, they've already spent $4 billion in American tax dollars on this boondoggle. With zero accountability.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Super Muntjac! 
A deer survived a 25-mile ride in the bumper of a car after it was hit by a motorist travelling to work.

With amazing pic.

Gold Rush On Brevard Beaches 
The recent hurricanes have been devastating for most here in Central Florida, but for a select few in Brevard County, they have provided some extra cash.

Residents are combing the beaches for Spanish treasures that have been buried for nearly 300 years.

Storms erase sands of time  
Hurricanes reveal history.

Mystery Surrounds Stone -  
Cornerstone or treasure marker?

Is this a ghost? 
THERE was a ghoulish shock in store for Gazette cameraman John Myers when he downloaded photographs taken during a ghost hunt at the famously haunted Red Lion pub in Avebury.

One of his photographs taken of a mirror in the pub restaurant shows a gruesome reflection of a bald, pale faced man streaked with blood.

BTK Profile Update 
Profiler Pat Brown has updated her BTK profile.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Giant ape may be new species  
An elusive giant ape has been spotted in remote forests in central Africa, sparking theories that it could be a new species of primate - a finding that would be the most astonishing wildlife discovery in decades, New Scientist says.

Link found at the Anomalist.

Girl says bones belong to ghost 
A Russell County fifth-grader is convinced bones found in her home last weekend belong to a mysterious friend who told her about being chopped up years ago.

Investigators have few clues about how and when the bones got inside insulation under the living room floor of the mobile home on Jowers Road, near East Alabama Motor Speedway.

Hollywood myth clashes with reality of modern hypnosis 
Want to lose weight, but every fad diet you've tried has failed? Have you tried to quit smoking only to relapse? Well then, maybe what's needed isn't a new plan. Maybe all
you need is to focus the power of your own mind through hypnosis.

Indian scientists mull over mystery UFO photo 
It has all the ingredients of a Harry Potter whodunit - was it a UFO or a spy device?

A group of Indian scientists are pouring over a bunch of photographs they took in the northern Himalayas depicting a mystery object that could be either of the two but are nowhere near cracking the mystery.

Mysterious shade's secret revealed 
Turns out the shade is not fashioned from human skin after all.

Monday, October 04, 2004

New chief suspect in ancient mystery  
Who killed Alexander the Great?

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Magician gets so close to predicting headline, but he was spot on about the small animal  
Last week, The Borehamwood and Elstree Times challenged magician Nicholas Einhorn to predict the front page headline of last Friday's newspaper.

He got pretty close.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Monstrous Mysteries of Alaska 
Bigfoot, the Iliamna Lake Monster, and killer mud.

Link found at the Anomalist.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Despair, Inc. 
A little TGIF levity for those trapped in corporate America.

Bigfoot Stalkers on Forked Path  
Bigfoot in Virginia!

The witness, William Dranginis, says Bigfoot investigators in the Northwest laughed at him, but Virginia encounters with the Sasquatch are not that unusual. I found two, from the 70s and 80s, without too much effort. You can read them here and here.

Both reports are from this excellent Bigfoot in the News page. They list sightings going back to the 1800s. And frankly, with all due respect to West Coast researchers, "Wildman" sightings in the East predate West Coast sightings simply because of settlement patterns. Bigfeet might only live in the western woods because they were moved out of their natural habitat by the arrival of colonists. A Sasquatch "Trail of Tears", if you will.

Source of Earth's mysterious 'hum' identified 
Seismologists believe they have pinpointed the source of a mysterious low-frequency "hum" that emanates from the Earth.

County mystery beast sightings reach high 
Big cats in Shropshire! With good color pic of the beast.

Conspiracy or incompetence? 
Within 72 hours of the last gunshots at Columbine High, mystery already had engulfed a then year-old investigative file on killer Eric Harris when it disappeared off a detective's desk.

It reappeared briefly, then ultimately vanished for good.

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