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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Judge Orders Release of Abu Ghraib Photos  

Foetuses found at Bogota airport 

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Israeli scientists solve mystery of 'dark matter' 

Puerto Rico town may build UFO site 

Scientists pinpoint mystery Maya city in Guatemala 

Face to face at last with Captain Nemo's old foe 

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Rumors of deaths greatly exaggerated 

Societies worse off 'when they have God on their side' 

Wonks find death sentence, lynching connection 

'Milky seas' detected from space 

Three arrested in gangland-style murder of Suncruz founder 'Gus' Boulis 

Monday, September 26, 2005

Able Danger as elusive as ever 

Another World Is Here: Coconut Crude 

Thunderbird: The American Classic 
What's the word? Thunderbird!

Lurid stories of sex and abuse shock Spokane area  

FAMILY DEMANDS THE TRUTH / New inquiry may expose events that led to Pat Tillman's death 

Sunday, September 25, 2005

600 barrels of loot found on Crusoe island 
The archipelago is named after Robinson Crusoe, but perhaps it should have been called Treasure Island.

A long quest for booty from the Spanish colonial era appears to be culminating in Chile with the announcement by a group of adventurers that they have found an estimated 600 barrels of gold coins and Incan jewels on the remote Pacific island.

Great story. Check this out.

The hoard is supposedly buried 15 metres (50ft) deep on Robinson Crusoe island, also known as the Juan Fernández island, home to Scottish sailor Alexander Selkirk, the adventurer immortalised by Daniel Defoe as Robinson Crusoe. Selkirk was dumped on the island and lived alone for four years before being rescued. His exploits brought worldwide attention to the islands.

Even better: This most recent announcement, however, deserves greater credence because of the equipment used by the treasure hunters: a mini robot that can scan 50 metres deep into the earth. The robot, dubbed "Arturito", was invented by Chileans and over the past year has grabbed headlines by breaking some of the country's biggest criminal mysteries.

First, the robot detected the buried arsenal of a rightwing sect known as Colonia Dignidad. The guns and rocket launchers were buried at some 10 metres and while the authorities had searched for years, the robot found the buried weapons almost instantly.

Colonia Dignidad is of course the ex-Nazi hide-out and pedophile cult headquarters of the now-imprisoned Paul Schafer.

Here are some articles on Colonia Dignidad.

Evil genius at work? 

Storm conspiracy theories might lead to more research 

In Mexico's Murders, Fury Is Aimed at Officials  
Victor Javier Garcia still has a dozen marks across his abdomen and genitals from the burning cigarettes the police used to torture him into falsely confessing to being a serial killer.

It made no difference to a lower court judge that the DNA tests on the bodies identified as his victims did not match the names of the women he was accused of killing. Or that a forensics expert testified that he had been ordered by his superiors to plant false evidence. Or even that witnesses retracted their testimony, saying the police had threatened them into making false statements.

Mr. García was sentenced to 50 years anyway.

Murder and corruption in Ciudad Juarez. Most depressing part of the article:

In the meantime, there are growing signs that the serial-style killings have spread to other cities, like Chihuahua, 200 miles along the border; Toluca, a suburb of Mexico City; the Gulf Coast capital of Veracruz; and Tuxtla Gutiérrez in the southern state of Chiapas. Attorney General Daniel Cabeza de Vaca says he is considering creating a special prosecutor's office to investigate.

Mystery's romantic allure 

Bigfoot aficionados relay beastly tales, insight 

Woman held in probe into Tube shooting leak 

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Why did the Bible allow slavery?  

The Amber Witch Hoax  

Shades of Loch Ness: Lizard lore mounting 

Friday, September 23, 2005

New Orleans: Prisoners Abandoned to Floodwaters 

Forecaster leaves job to pursue weather theories 
To the rest of the country, Scott Stevens is the Idaho weatherman who blames the Japanese Mafia for Hurricane Katrina. To folks in Pocatello, he's the face of the weather at KPVI News Channel 6.

The Pocatello native made his final Channel 6 forecast Thursday night, leaving a job he's held for nine years in order to pursue his weather theories on a full-time basis.


Since Katrina, Stevens has been in newspapers across the country where he was quoted in an Associated Press story as saying the Yakuza Mafia used a Russian-made electromagnetic generator to cause Hurricane Katrina in a bid to avenge the atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima.

Dumping of Homeless Suspected Downtown  

Caught red-handed 

Tabloid adds its own scream to howling in the night 

Mystery animal eludes deputies 
Kangaroo in Ohio?

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Internet maps reveal Roman villa 

He did it: Rumsfeld kills revelations on Mohamed Atta 
Sploid has the details.

Today, Pentagon officers who worked on the secret data-mining program were to testify before Congress on the very hot subject. Donald Rumsfeld took care of that. All details will remain secret.

Frist Sold Hospital Shares Before Drop  

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Healing Power of Age-Old Therapy 

French love of garlic on the nose  

Idaho Weatherman Touts Hurricane Katrina Conspiracy Theory 

Bigfoot researchers weed through hoaxes  

Mystery over dead porn star deepens 

Dressed As Arabs, U.K. Troops Nabbed For Setting Bombs & Killing Iraqi Policeman 

Witchcraft and nail clippings: the weird world of Cherie Blair?  
Really? The wife of a world leader practices witchcraft? I'm in shock. Why, you'd think an entire website could be devoted to such a thing.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Ethiopia: Home of the Ark of the Covenant 

Avian Flu: Is the Government Ready for an Epidemic? 

Doctor says FEMA ordered him to stop treating hurricane victims 

Durbin writes Justice Department on Hilton, Dem hackings 

Psychic 'heard' dead woman in lake 

2001 anthrax case still a mystery 

Power-dressing Aussie leaves trail of destruction  

Nessie hunters on verge of major breakthrough  

Thursday, September 15, 2005


Thar She Blows! The White Giraffe! 
With very cool pic.

Dream team ready to probe depths in search for Nessie  

Mystery predator strikes yet again 

World's Hottest Fugitive Surrenders 
A woman accused in a multimillion-dollar armored truck heist surrendered Thursday after more than 10 years on the run.

Heather Catherine Tallchief is accused of driving an armored truck loaded with cash away from the Circus Circus casino in October 1993. Speaking to reporters before she gave herself up, Tallchief acknowledged her role.

Image hosted by

I had the biggest crush on Heather Tallchief back in 1993. She took three million of the casino's money and vanished into the night. So much for Ocean's Eleven. My co-worker Pam and I had her picture pinned up at our office. She seemed pretty damned romantic. Apparently she's been hiding out in Amsterdam and has a ten year old son. Best of luck to you Heather.

Anti-cancer compound found in beans, nuts, cereals  

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Webpage for Psychic Predictions 

Mystery: Levees Didn't Break, But Concrete Floodwalls Did 

Australians flock to witchcraft weddings 

eBay: Found at Beach...Mystery Sea Monster Head 

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

FEMA, La. outsource Katrina body count to firm implicated in body-dumping scandals 

A feline mystery prowls Hilltowns  

As bodies recovered, reporters are told 'no photos, no stories' 

Rigorous Intuition: Drowning by Numbers 

The beauty products from the skin of executed Chinese prisoners 

Say that again? 'Things are going relatively well' 

Thief hid phone up her bum 

Monday, September 12, 2005

Arkansas meth addicts seem to be collecting arrowheads 
File this in the WTF? column.

Deep in the night 

Shakespeare: An A-Z  

What happened to William Morgan in Canandaigua in 1826? 

Treasure Hunt: On the trail of Blackbeard in a Marcus Hook plank house 

Porn star 'faked death' to shield MP  

Sunday, September 11, 2005

A few questions without answers in remote areas 

The Voice of the White House  

An amazing gallery of cigarette pack art.

Image hosted by

Link found at boing boing.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

In the beginning there was the Flying Spaghetti Monster 

1940s sex kidnap inspired Lolita  


Friday, September 09, 2005

Just what was that in the sky on Monday night? 

How Reliable Is Brown's Resume?  

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Scientists able to move an object without touching 

Remains of old ship found in San Francisco 

Bush Cohorts Profiteering at all levels 

Church Street ghosts haunt lease lawsuit  

Mysterious creature puts town on edge 

FEMA packed with W's pals 

FEMA Wants No Photos of Dead  

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Goodnight, little buddy 

Bob Denver, whose portrayal of goofy castaway Gilligan on the 1960s TV show "Gilligan's Island," made him an iconic figure to generations of TV viewers, has died. He was 70.

Bob was a bit of a zen philosopher.

Gilligan's Island is wherever you want it to be in your mind.

You know, I have no worst experiences.

Bob Denver

Strange pet deaths concern neighborhood 

40,000 Dead? 

The post-hurricane speech Bush won't deliver 
If only.....

Man held in sex offender killings, says he found victims on Web 

Bush Says He'll Find Out What Went Wrong 

Spain searches for Nazi camp doctor, 91 

Monday, September 05, 2005

"Rescue Ticket" 

Ancient 46-foot long crocodile found in Amazon 

Mystery of the lost fleet 

Mystery Schooner In Lake Michigan 

Shakespeare was a political rebel who wrote in code, claims author 

Hurricane Katrina, and A Partial List of Related Mistakes, Evasions, and Deceptions 
Pretty much says it all.

Knight Ridder Exposes Horsey Background of FEMA Chief 

Venezuela convinced of US invasion  

Sunday, September 04, 2005

"One of the Worst Abandonments of Americans on American Soil Ever" 

Hurricanes Hate Our Freedom 

Bush Administration Puts Katrina PR Campaign Into Overdrive 

The Ghost in the Darkroom  

Team of believers to hunt for Swamp Ape 

Invisible Residents: The Reality of Underwater Ufos 

Bigfoot leaves his footprint on Willow Creek 

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Refugees still waiting for relief 

Wary of the Stories of New Orleans Rampaging 

Bush faked levee repair for photo op yesterday 

Friday, September 02, 2005

Julie Popovich's Body Found 

George Bush doesn't care about black people! 
So sayeth Kanye West. On national television. And he's right. But George Bush doesn't care about any people, other than his friends.

Bush's next move? 

President Bush Diverts Critical Resources For Photo-Op 

Premature Illumination 
Robert Anton Wilson interview.

Thanks to Chip for the tip.

Ray Nagin for President, Anderson Cooper for Secretary of Take No Shit 
A ticket I'd vote for.

Police say vigilante may have slain 2 Wash. sex offenders  

The Horror Worsens: Friday Pleas for Help from 'Times-Pic' Blog 
This is from today.

Mayor to feds: 'Get off your asses'  

What the terrorists have learned this week: 
1) That the over 100 billion dollars the Bush Administration has spent on Homeland Security and the Emergency Response Fund has done little more than enrich his cronies and limit the civil rights of Americans.

2) That Bush is an ineffective president incapable of leading Americans in times of crisis.

3) That the United States cannot promote its empire overseas while simultaneously defending its own borders and people.

4) That the entrenched poverty of this country provides our enemies with ready-made foot soldiers who can be activated to create civil unrest simply by removing the social structure around them.

5) Four and a half years of inept Bush leadership has not prepared the country in any way, shape, or form for attack or national emergency.

6) That America is full of soft targets.

Image hosted by

"This one's called When the Levee Breaks..."

World stunned as US struggles with Katrina 

Bush Unmasked: Yes, He's A COMPLETE Failure 
MoxieGrrrl puts it all together.

Ghost of the Sound -- old shipwreck tells Greenwich's tales  

Vampire active again, claims occult expert 

Thursday, September 01, 2005

A Can't-Do Government 

Even Mr. Bill Knew the Levees Wouldn't Hold 

Just what has Homeland Security been preparing for? 

Budget cuts delayed New Orleans flood control work  

Theory: Mad cow may have come from humans 

A Tragedy By Any Other Name 
That the Bush administration diverted funds from the rebuilding of the New Orleans levees to Iraq is by now well-known. What you might not have heard is that the people cleaning up the mess are really pissed about it. A tipster informs us that down in New Orleans, they have a name for the flood waters that have invaded the city: Lake George.

This is from a friend at the EPA:

We're naming it Lake George, 'cause it's his frickin fault. Have you seen all that data about the levee projects' funding being cut over the past three years by the Prez, and the funding transferred to Iraq? The levee, as designed, might not have held back the surge from a direct Class 5 hit, but it certainly would not have crumbled on Monday night from saturation and scour erosion following a glancing blow from a Class 3. The failure was in a spot that had just been rebuilt, not yet compacted, not planted, and not armed (hardened with rock/concrete). The project should have been done two years ago, but the federal gov't diverted 80% of the funding to Iraq. Other areas had settled by a few feet from their design specs, and the money to repair them was diverted to Iraq.

The NO paper raised hell about this time and again, to no avail. And who will take the blame for it? The Army Corps, because they're good soldiers and will never contradict the C in C. But Corps has had massive budget cuts across all departments (including wetland regulatory) since Bush took office, and now we've reaped what was sown. It really pisses me off to see the Corps get used by the Administration to shield Bush -- they do great work when they're funded. This was senseless, useless death caused not by nature but by budget decisions.


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