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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

In Violation of Federal Law, Ohio's 2004 Presidential Election Records Are Destroyed or Missing 

NJ body is that of missing NYC artist 

RIP Tom Snyder 

Spirit d'escalier -- in memory of Theresa Duncan 

Chemists Study Mysterious Substance 

Mystery of Dartmoor beast 

Sightings of mysterious giant bird continue in San Antonio 


Portage County: Home of the Bigfoot? 

South Texas rancher finds mysterious animal 

Turin Shrouds Its Magic, Black and White, in Plain Sight 

The Yorkshire man who taught Houdini to make an elephant disappear 

Lunar Flash Mystery Solved 
The moon has gas.

Ufo Mystery Solved 
Chinese lanterns?

Mysterious Indian battle is 'holy grail' of Alabama digs 

Coffee-exercise Combo can Prevent Skin Cancer 

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Gathering my wits about me 
I'm still processing the deaths of Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake but a few things have struck me as odd thus far.

1). Jeremy Blake's Wikipedia page was recently edited (from a New York IP address) to include the information that "Blake's badly decomposed remains were subsequently found by a fisherman about 30 miles to the south of Rockaway Beach off the New Jersey shore." This statement is footnoted to an article that includes no such information and as of this writing there has been no confirmation that the body pulled Sunday from the ocean off New Jersey is Jeremy.

Also in the Wiki entry is this statement: Blake was the romantic partner of aspiring cultural critic and pioneering video game artist Theresa Duncan who, having fallen on hard times, killed herself the week before Blake took his own life. (Emphasis mine)

I'm unaware of any information that Theresa had fallen on hard times. For most people, a loving relationship, the respect of your peers, and a desirable New York City address do not constitute hard times. If so, please, send some hard times my way. Is this inside information or someone trying to shape the narrative?

2). On Friday, June 1st, Theresa posted a short poem by Sarah Hannah and linked to the young poet's obituary. Sarah Hannah, who was the same age as Theresa, reportedly committed suicide.

Age was not the only thing these two talented and doomed women had in common.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Could two people resemble each other any more closely without being twins? I've been unable to uncover any other links between the two women aside from their polymathic natures and tragic deaths. What the hell does this mean, if anything? Is this some sort of cosmic joke or is there a deeper message?

Egyptians played ancient version of bowling 2000 years back 

Didn't They Learn Anything from 'Poltergeist'? 

To catch a ghost 

Bring on the levitating lady ... 

The evolution of the flying car 

New Da Vinci mystery uncovered? 

Science of smooching 

Unsolved Axe Murder Documentary to Air on KPTS 

Jim Morrison's death mystery divides biographers 

Mystery surrounds mummified baby found in Toronto attic 

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Authorities: Body found in ocean might be missing artist 

Theresa Duncan, RIP 
It is with great sadness that I report the death of Theresa Duncan and the probable death of her partner Jeremy Blake. Both are apparent suicides.

Theresa was a great friend of this blog and her insight and friendship will be missed. My condolences to her friends and family. I have no idea how long her blog, Wit of the Staircase, will remain up but, for now, her charm and erudition are there for everyone to see.

Here's another news story on the tragedy.

As you can imagine, the blogosphere has many comments on Theresa and Jeremy's untimely deaths, as well as some questions.

Rigorous Intuition.

Ron Rosenbaum.


This news has depressed me tremendously. Goodbye, Theresa. Thanks for everything.

Ghostly guests in Prosser home 

The History of Palmistry 

Asian parasite may be to blame for bee deaths 

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Olathe's Hairy Wildman 

Megafishes Project to Size Up "Real-Life Loch Ness Monsters" 

Lines that keep the dead alive 

Princess claims clairvoyant powers, aims to share them 

Rare jungle deer photographed for the first time 

UFO Round Up 

Lucky Collector Finds Rare Mormon Religious Books 

Bat Boy sheds a tear: Weekly World News quits 

Mystery Rocks That Beg More Questions Than Answers 

Newly exposed ledge 'footprint' inspires legends 

Schiller's family exhumed as scientists work to crack mystery of the two skulls 

Almas, The Modern-Day Cavemen 

Mayors Backing To Find Pirates Hidden Hoard 

Symbol In NYC Building Becomes History Mystery 

Chupacabra, coyote or ... ? 

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Is Big Foot a tall tale? Not for this crew 

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Old-line Republican warns 'something's in the works' to trigger a police state 

New evidence in West Memphis murders 

The world's most prophetic comic book 
Cannonfire has it.

The Bible and the Paranormal - A New Perspective 

Physical Ghosts 

Ghost World Conference coming to Gettysburg 

Important Viking treasure found in Britain 

Moscow revives long and bloody history of silencing its enemies 

Golden hoards 

Monster claims rubbished 

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Unlock The Secrets Of The Stones 

Metal that crashed through roof in New Jersey was part of woodchipper, FAA says 
Follow up.

The race to find 10m Nazi gold hoard 

Ancient Megafloods Created English Channel 

Legendary lake 'monster' is captured on camera 

53 more students drift into mysterious unconsciousness 

Health benefits of tea still steeped in mystery 

130-year-old outhouses yield artifacts 

Did U.S. intelligence assets kill Antioch College? 

Scoop: UFO Sighting Report Process Formalised 
Press release.

Mysterious metal block hits home 

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Blackshirts and Skins 
New Rigorous Intuition.

Newcastle's little black book of magic 

Officials Set Traps For Colo. Pond Creature 

Woman hunts for secrets of the lost colony 

Big cat or bad dog? 

Publishing boss killed at home with rare dagger 

Monday, July 16, 2007

What It Feels Be Mauled By a Bear 

Why we quit aping around, began walking 

Archeologists dig up mask of Thracian king 

Fishermen catch coelacanth off the coast of Indian Ocean archipelago 

Nostradamus of the Middle East or just a phoney? 

Book examines mysterious 1907 death at Naval Academy 

Vets: Pet Injuries Peak During Full Moons 

Giant Homer Simpson prompts pagan backlash 
With hysterical pic.

Found: the giant lion-eating chimps of the magic forest 

A Race to Solve the Mystery of the Subterranean Chambers 

Bigfoot researchers record thermal images 

Was Reich right? 

Archaeologist plumbs mysteries of the Bible 

Analysis: More rumors of bin Laden's death 

History of the Wichitas goes back 500 million years 

Friday, July 13, 2007

Big Dipper's Faith Healer 

Reed boat crew set off on historic trans-Atlantic attempt 

Brothers have scary talent; Dover duo investigate ghostly happenings 

Heritage inspectors visit feature 

On The Path Of Bigfoot 

Unexplained sighting gives Metro East a spot in UFO lore 

Secrets of Assassins' fort unearthed in Syria 

Father of collar-bombing suspect says daughter's mind 'goofed up' 

Salvaged Bomb Makes Juvenile Space Ship 
Sooooo coooool.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

'I've never got over it' 

Ancient Massacre Discovered in New Mexico 

Collar Bomb Robber's Family Outraged 

Secret tunnel discovered in Jaipur palace 

Green Castle Hill: A site of mystery, wonder and much speculation 

Bigfoot or big phony? Seekers pay high prices 

For nostalgic techies: Steampunk Watches 

Ancient coins discovered on beach 

Queen star finishes PhD thesis after 30 years 

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Victim of collar bomb a participant in robbery plot, sources say 

German sailor emulates ancient mariners in voyage from NYC 

British blamed for mysterious Beast of Basra 

'Whopper' of a giant squid washes up on Australian beach; long as a bus 

$14,000 wine not to be drunk 

CHARLES LANE: 1905-2007 

Mysterious mummy in King Tut's burial chamber identified as boy pharaoh's father 

After initial digs, Zodiac killer theory turns up nothing but dirt 

New book: Jim Morisson died in nightclub toilet 

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Charges in Pizza Bomber Case 

Seafaring Super-Rich Dive to Ocean Bottom in Luxury Submarines 

A Huge Amazon Monster Is Only a Myth. Or Is It? 

'Water monsters' reappear in Kanasi Lake 

Found: Shoe, circa late 1800s 

On the trail of a legend 

Friday, July 06, 2007

Ed Wood: America's Most Prolific Novelist? 

Archaeologists set to unearth secrets of Scone and its kings 

Japanese acupressure technique targets blocked energy 

Deaths 'most mysterious' ever investigated 

Fatal Web 

Boeing's Psychic Lab 

Close encounter of the weird kind 

What It's Like to Talk to the Dead 

Bad blood, 'Good Earth' 

Concern over cult swastika poster 

Mysterious crop circle appears 
With pic.

My Boss Was the BTK Killer! 
I was next!

Historic Preservation Commissions Doubt Rune Rock Credibility 

Der Bingle in Der Bighouse?

'Octosquid' Caught in Hawaii Could Be New Species 
With cool pic.

Enduring mystery of 'crown jewel' theft 

Elizabeth - The Golden Age 

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Unique Bronze Age serpentine mound found in western England 

Finders keepers 

'Incorruptible' body studied in Russia 

Steorn's Orbo "free-energy" machine demonstrated! 

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Did Primordial Chefs Feed Our Giant Brains? 

N.C. fisherman reels in a piranha 
Ouch. Via Fark.

Signs of the Times 
New Rigorous Intuition.

Hy Zaret, 99, Tin Pan Alley Lyricist, Is Dead 

Strange UFO sightings over Didim 

Seeking buried treasure 

'Haunted' mental hospital to be demolished 

A glass of wine can keep tooth decay and a sore throat at bay 

Did suspected UFO cover-up have ties to Port? 

Seeking Erie's 'holy grail' 

Monday, July 02, 2007

BC Sasquatch Photo? 
Cryptomundo takes a look.

Domestic cats may have ancient roots 

Shambala: A mythical land in Himachal; or is it in Tibet? 

Shreveport has stake in UFO legacies 

Miners used divining rods to find Mendip's lead veins 

Big snake in lake mystery has Springfield, Ill., on the lookout 

Gibraltar Pt. light an historic beacon 

Mystery 'Pyramid' Room Discovered In China's Terra Cotta Tomb 

Mystery Solved: How Airplane-Sized Bird Flew 

Chemical in manuka honey which kills bacteria identified 

Local filmmaker offers 'Proof' of 9/11 conspiracy 

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