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Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Black Scorpion 

Friday, November 28, 2008

The Monster That Challenged the World 

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Crawling Hand 

UFO spotted over town 

LAIR OF THE BEASTS: Monster of the Mountains 

Ancient Greeks had their heads in the sky 

The Brazilian “Lost Thunderbird”: False Fortean Memories 

Huge Cave Bears: When and Why They Disappeared 

Giant Italian Snake 

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

44 Years Later, a Washington, D.C. Death Unresolved 

The Mysterious Lost Ship of the Mojave 

Has Glenrothes 'beast' moved to Methil? 

U of A researcher uses lasers to find meteorite craters 

Poland exhumes WWII leader to find out if his death was plotted by British traitor and Russians 

Disturbing UFO incident in Birmingham 

Protecting history - the effort to save ancient Indian mounds 

Only known painting of Lucrezia Borgia discovered in Australian gallery 

Wreck of Titanic sister ship finds new destiny as tourist attraction 

Psychic reading ban lifted in Vermont 

Awesome Or Off-Putting: GhostRadar 

Monday, November 24, 2008

Conan Doyle Norfolk mystery solved 

Beaches gallery hides possible Jackson Pollock after robbery scare 

Scientists Explain Mystery of 'Face Blindness' 
With video.

MI6's secret tunnels | A deep, dark secret 

The $180,000 Beardsley that hung in a Boston bathroom 

Witchcraft trial book could fetch 76,000 pounds 

Alien-like Squid Filmed at Ultra-Deep Oil-Drilling Site 
With video.


Secrets of the Screaming Man 

The enigma of Lake Ontario's 11,000-year-old footprints 

A large 'cat' was on the prowl in Troup County 

Forgery of Biblical antiquities has become big business 

Fake lunar photos of the 1800's and synchronicity 

Archaeology professor scrutinizes age-old mystery 

A demon, a diamond, and now meat 

As Taboos Ease, Saudi Girl Group Dares to Rock 

Treasure hunters uncover Roman tombstone in Scotland 

Solving the mystery of Herod’s sarcophagus 

Bay Area mob lynched kidnappers 75 years ago 

New Clues In Lusitania's Sinking 

Britain's first mission to the Moon to probe mysterious moonquakes 

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Monster on the Campus 

Friday, November 21, 2008

Meteor caught on tape lit up the sky in Western Canada 

Via LiveLeak.

And here's a near-miss caught on film from 1972!

Psychic detective used to crack Oregon's unsolved murders 

Amanda Knox's family appeal for funds to help her defence in Meredith Kercher murder trial 

Best Pareidolia Ever 
Remarkable photo. Via Boing Boing.

Biography Channel chronicles witches, past and present 

Villagers resurrect almost-forgotten copy of The Bixby Letter; will seek authentication 

One-of-a-kind coin returns to New Orleans 

Another unexplained sighting in Stephenville 

‘Cure’ for Indian ‘werewolf boy’ found 

Mysterious bright light seen over Edmonton 

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mystery surrounds big cat theory 

Mexico: Boeing-737 crew report UFO sighting 

Detective handcuffed to Oswald can't escape photo 
You know — THAT photo.

The Astounding She Monster 

If you're not too afraid, make a date with the woman you'll never forget!

In Search of the Mysterious Sea Serpent 

Buried Mars Glaciers May Be Remnants of Past Ice Age 

Japan’s Yeti: Hibagon 
Cryptomundo's got it.

Debunking myths about muti, ritualistic and serial murders 

Ecuadorean Dwarfs May Unlock Cancer Clues 

Mystery Over Copernicus' Remains Nears End, Scientists Say They Have Identified 16th-Century Polish Astronomer's Bones 

CE - 5 --- Close Encounters Of The Fifth Kind 

From Tiny Sect, Weighty Issue for Justices 

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Jonestown, 30 years later: original audio recordings from People's Temple and Guyana 

Mystery rumbles on over strange sounds 

A Stripper, a Mobster, and a Murder 
Murder, Miami style.

Scientists advance towards cracking genome of woolly mammoth 

Doctors Find Worm In Woman's Brain 
With video. Not safe for lunch.

Elvis Alive? New DNA Could Provide Evidence 
With video. Via Fark.

Is global warming forcing Bigfoot to move north? 

UFO sightings over Bucks County 
With video.

Rutgers' undersea robot missing 

Lost Tomb of the Knights Templar by Ben Hammott 

“Jetpack Dreams: One Man’s Up and Down (But Mostly Down) Search for the Greatest Invention that Never Was” 
Book review.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Voodoo on the Vine 

Cold case profiled on AMW ends with couple's suicide 

Attack of the Giant Leeches 

Cell phone use can trigger the release of mercury from your fillings 

New Meredith Kercher witness casts doubt on Amanda Knox's alibi 

Man ordered to stop 'blood readings' at beauty shop 

The Psychology Of Deja Vu 

Science minister 'has sixth sense' 

1,300-year-old Islamic note may solve mystery 

UFO Round-Up 

How the Freemasons Rule the World 

The ‘Mystery Spot’ in California 

Texas officials say layover mystery a homicide 

16th-Century Mapmaker's Amazing Knowledge 

Images may hold answer to 67-year-old mystery 

After 30 years, new clue in mystery of missing mobster 

Monday, November 17, 2008

Family sees mysterious cross as a sign 

Quick-witted octogenarians 'have unusual brains' 

Mysterious wallaby found on French road 

Sunday, November 16, 2008


On the origins of 'Sheboygan' 
Ever wonder where it came from?

Jill the tripper eludes her captors 

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter provides insights into UFO phenomena 

INSIDE STORY: How a Boy Became the Changeling Impostor 

Could this be grave of King Richard? 

"The Enemy Within: 2,000 Years of Witch-hunting in the Western World" by John Demos 

Gordon House: communion with the dead 

The Whatsit Of Wanstead Woods. 

Saturday, November 15, 2008

How Tasmania's lady of the lake was silenced 

Roadshow turns up 1m treasure 

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Land Unknown 

Cannock Chase Bigfoot has paranormal origins as far back as 1879 

The Amazing Extraterrestrial Mothership is Back! 
With video.

Pancho Barnes: A socialite, an aviatrix and a legend in her own time 
Nice article.

Festival looks at Scotland's 'wizard' 

Maldives seek to buy a new homeland 

'Mr. Mummy' Reveals Great Pyramid Secret: Built From Inside? 

Seattle Bids Tuba Man a Sad Goodbye 

Found Footage: In the Future, Frankenstein Will Be a TV Star! 

The Rise and Fall of the Astrological Almanac 

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mad Science: Does the Full Moon Really Make People Crazy? 

Tech puts JFK conspiracy theories to rest 
Somehow I doubt it.

UFO "A Flying Aircraft Carrier" - says Sabre Jet Pilot 

Lizzie Borden: The intrigue remains 

Fantagraphics Looses the Beasts Again 

Clerics say cultism fuelling grisly crimes 

Google Earth revives ancient Rome 

Seventh foot will help solve puzzle, expert says 

UFO sightings: 140 years of UFO pictures 
Image gallery.

A mystery glows on Saturn 
With pic.

'Texas Jack' May Be A Virginian 

More Local Lion Sightings Reported 

Fresh sightings of the Lytham Beast 

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

To the end of the line with James M. Cain 
Cain's seedy Los Angeles.

It Came From Outer Space 

Dispatches from the Bottom of the Earth: An Antarctic Expedition in Search of Lost Mountains Encased in Ice 

Elvis mystery solved! 

Nessie mystery turns 75 

Mystery beast attacks sheep 

Evidence for a New History 

Three more Bigfoot sightings reported 

Egypt unveils discovery of 4,300-year-old pyramid 

Another mystery foot washes up in British Columbia! 

The Healing Power of Tears 

NY serial killer Arthur Shawcross dead at age 63 

Tai chi combats arthritis, study shows 

Sasquatch documentary comes to Eagle 

My Barack Pages 
New Rigorous Intuition.

A story of the treasure seekers 

Mystery animal spotted in pine forest 

"Al Zaar" The Egyptian Exorcism Ritual 

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cosmetic surgery addict injected cooking oil into her own face 
With very disturbing pic. You've been warned.

Thanks, Lady Zorro!

Beach Girls And The Monster 

Veteran recalls WWII 'divine' encounter 

Beast of Galloway still in sight 

Is 'Bigfoot' on the loose in woods? 

Husband's coffin kills woman in Brazil 

Ghost hunters asked to examine scary photo 
With creepy pic.

Can you copyright a magic trick? 
With video.

Could unknown Okanagan creature be baby Ogopogo? 

16 Minutes Of Pure Unadulterated Gigantic Black Triangular Craft (UFO) Video 

Elkton remembers 1958's 'Little Blue Man' hoax 

20 Most Prolific Authors and Writers in Literary History 
Wow. Via The Louis L'Amour Project.

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Top 10 Most Mysterious Creatures of Modern Times 

Broadmoor files could unmask Jack the Ripper 

Author interweaves story of Spiro Mounds' rise, fall 

Did John Wilkes Booth really die in 1865? 

No sign of Ogopogo 

The Abominable Snowman Of The Himalayas 

Cambodians rely on magic against modern Thai weapons 

'Murder' team sensed evil 

Square Today, Octagon Tomorrow 

New shipwreck documentary released on anniversary Edmund Fitzgerald's sinking 

FEMA Firefighters Manual Covers UFO Attacks, Crashes 
With video.

Iron Age ‘town in the sky’ is revealed 

Santa Muerte is no saint, say Mexican bishops 

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Crash revives talk of Taiwanese Bermuda Triangle 

Old Ephraim, the Ten-Foot Grizzly Bear 

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Police: 90-year-old living with 3 siblings' bodies 

That Lucan puzzle 

New Bell Witch mystery: how gravestone came back 

Surfer Catches Monster Wave-of-a-Lifetime, Barely Lives to Tell the Tale 
With pic.

Cyprus officials search for mystery 'monster' 

Bruce Springsteen and the Jersey Devil 


The Man-Eating Tree 

EYEWITNESS COMES FORWARD: 'I saw a UFO over Mablethorpe beach!' 

Friday, November 07, 2008

Obama apologizes to Nancy Reagan for seance remark 
I guess technically Nancy Reagan did not hold seances in the White House but she sure did love her some astrology.

Rocks of ages 

Rail crew reports mountain lion 

The Psychology of the Sceptic 

U-boat's Kaipara secrets unveiled? 

Leonardo codex to be dismantled 

Mystery of the screaming mummy 

Mark Twitchell case on hold 

Military Tech: Quantum Ghosts and Other Bizarre Military Research 

Oh-Mah - The 'Boss of the Woods' 

Mideast Shaman discovery 

What's zap? 

Kreskin Makes Another Amazing Revelation 

Italian Mystery Cat Hunt 

Everything's Bigfoot in Texas 

Raising Eyebrows With Acupuncture Facelifts 

Haunted house investigation gets too hot for Halloween 

China’s ancient dynasties rose and fell with monsoons 

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Don't get me started - a perfume that claims to make you feel younger 

Massive UFO reported in Ohio 

Aquarium octopus causes havoc 

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Ghost in the Machine? Physicists May Have Detected a New Particle at Fermilab 

Were screams in the night really Bigfoot? 

Old-time radio finding new life 

Nazi UFOs 
Yes, there is a wiki page.

Argentina: Alleged UFO Photographed Over Concordia 

Water Witcher a talent good for finding water amongst other things 

Tattooed pigs banned from modern art exhibition 

Local scholar believes William Shakespeare was a man of few words 

Twitchell friends say allegations are false 

Searching Mexico for shamans 


Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Massive waves a mystery at Maine harbor 

From the New York Times, August 1, 1880. (Link goes to page with PDF)

Monday, November 03, 2008

The original 007? 

Author: Legend of the Dog Man still haunts the woods of Michigan 

Treasure hunters set to coin it with Roman haul 

Forensic scientists: China's reformist second-to-last emperor was murdered 

Century-old Pierrepoint journal shows hangman's spiral into alcoholism 

No On 8 

Mystery on the River 

Missing marker from Bell family cemetery makes an eerie return 

Haunting dreams of suicide girl, 18 

From the New York Times, August 18, 1882. (Links to page with PDF)

An unusually large number of interested auditors was present last evening at the meeting of the Academy of Sciences. The walls of the apartment in which the meeting was held were hung with cloth diagrams of the mammoth footprints unearthed within the walls of the Nevada State Prison.

The footprints, according to reporting from the San Francisco Chronicle, measured 19 inches in length and appeared to be wearing some kind of sandal. Scientists estimated them to be from the Pliocene.

This remarkable event is also mentioned in Nature, A Weekly Illustrated Journal of Science, published in (1882-83) at Harvard University.

Did alleged killer imitate his own slasher film? 
Police are alleging that Mark Andrew Twitchell lured Brian Altinger to his death in a deadly reenactment of his latest film - a film where the victim was killed and hacked to pieces.

Even more disturbing - Twitchell's movie featured the victim being tortured for personal information about social network passwords. Twitchell allegedly sent emails to Mr. Altinger's friends after his death in an attempt to make them believe Altinger had left the country.

Twitchell is also a fan of the serial killer television series Dexter and may have picked up a few tricks from the show. Neighbors described plastic over the windows, a Dexter trademark, and the police have yet to find the body. Dexter disposes of his victims at sea. I hope they're looking near water.

There may also be another victim - one who got away. Neighbors report another man seen running from the area being chased by someone wearing a black and gold goalie mask - the same mask used in Twitchell's movie. This second victim may have been lured by the promise of acting in a low budget film.

It seems the neighbors thought he was making another slasher pic. Can you cover up murder by pretending you're shooting a slasher film?


More here.

The Leather Man slept here? 

Yma Sumac RIP 

300-year-old lost painting heads to auction block 

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Beggars and ghosts light up arson probe 

Cars returned to downtown L.A.'s Angels Flight funicular 

'Crossing the Continent 1527-1540' by Robert Goodwin 

From Napoleon to Night Skies: The greatest films never made 

Masonic theory that put Knox in the dock 

The 'Haunt' Project 

Suspected cougar tracks prove inconclusive 

Man’s death in custody linked to ancient curse 

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