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Monday, August 16, 2004

Sex, Lies, and Terrorism  
Here's a great essay on the mysterious Golan Cipel-- Gay Governor Boytoy, "security expert", and former 'anti-terrorism' czar of New Jersey-- from Justin Raimondo.

Some highlights, taken out of context.

"In his capacity as an "information officer" at the Israeli consulate, from at least February 1996 until April of ’99, Cipel made appearances at the events of such groups as American Veterans of Israel's 1948 war, and also churned out an enormous volume of propaganda."

"Kushner is quite a character. Under investigation for tax evasion and election code violations, he recently made headlines when he sent his sister a tape of her husband having sex with a prostitute. The sister had been cooperating with prosecutors looking into the real estate mogul, and Kushner, a noted philanthropist, exacted retribution."

"New Jersey is key terrain in the real war on terrorism: Flight 93 from Newark to San Francisco was commandeered by the terrorists on 9/11 and crashed into a field in Pennsylvania after passengers rushed the hijackers. The anthrax letters were mailed from New Jersey. Newark has recently been put on orange alert as the U.S. braces for a pre-election terrorist strike."

"Even before McGreevey's election in November, administration sources said, Cipel toured the state – visiting refineries, nuclear plants, bridges, and seaports – to make an inventory of security needs. McGreevey said Cipel has already offered ‘invaluable insights’ into a variety of security matters, both large and small. ‘He's someone who thinks with a different set of eyes, and that is very hard to find,’ McGreevey said.

So this guy was out there "inspecting" nuclear plants – if that doesn’t set off alarm bells, then we might as well pack it in, because we're all doomed."

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