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Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday Night's Murders 

Secrets taken to grave

She went to work, paid the rent on time and resided in a well-kept home she shared with a common-law husband.

But the 27-year-old kept many secrets police are still trying to uncover after Kahlon was found dead in her northeast basement suite last week.

The bodies of three newborns were later found hidden there, wrapped in plastic bags.

One year later, Odessa millionaire's killing remains an unsolved mystery

She'd never seen this car before, or its burly, shirtless driver. She had a strange feeling but thought little of it.

Until a couple of days later, when millionaire horse racer Lawrence Higgins was found killed in his garage.

Colorado detective making progress on 27-year-old double homicide case

Splotches of blood and bullet casings discovered in an old school bus rusting away in a meadow of aqua sage brush on the New Mexico border have reignited interest in a 27-year- old double-homicide.

Slaying of Palomas mayor remains a mystery

The slaying this week of Palomas Mayor Estanislao "Tani" Garcia has become something of mystery in this border community known in history books as the place where Pancho Villa attacked during the Mexican Revolution.

Cold Case Minute: Lane Bryant Massacre

How did one man murder five women inside a clothing store and get away?

FBI vows Parkway Murders to get thorough investigation

A string of six slayings and two disappearances known as the "Parkway Murders" that has confounded investigators for more than two decades is getting a "top to bottom" review by the FBI.

Police target 12 lovers in Claudia Lawrence mystery

Police searching for Claudia Lawrence have revealed for the first time details of a string of secret relationships involving the missing chef that may have led to her murder.

Who Really Poisoned the Goebbels Children?

To this day, the murder by poisoning of the six children of Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels remains a mystery. Newly discovered records show that a doctor confessed in the 1950s to having been an accomplice, but that the judges in the case let him go unpunished.

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