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Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Night's Murders 

Family suspects murder, wants answers in 1959 disappearance of Ont. moose hunters

Half a century ago, Merle Newcombe and George Weeden set out for a weekend of moose hunting in the northern Ontario bush.

Wartime murder or tall tale?

As cold cases go, it was a good one. Walking in off the street, a man told police that his grandfather had shot and killed an American sailor in Auckland 60 years earlier in a fight over a woman.

Former professor receives award for documentary that solved cold case

It was Feb. 1, 1979, when Janet Chandler’s body was found buried in a snow bank seven miles south of South Haven by a snowplow driver.

'Trunk Murderess' kills friends in fight over man

On this day, Oct. 16, in 1931, Phoenix secretary Winnie Ruth Judd shot and killed two women, cut one up and stuffed both inside steamer trunks.

DNA links two 24-year-old murder cases

After 24 years of dead-end leads police have connected the rapes and murders of two women 60 miles apart.

Author thinks he’s solved 1947 murder

On a drizzly, wind-swept night in mid-autumn, gunfire shredded the seclusion of a popular lover’s lane outside a country club in Beckley, leaving a man and woman dead in their tryst, and triggering a murder mystery that has befuddled crime watchers for more than half a century.

Scott Lee Kimball Murder Mystery: The Latest In A History Of Unsolved Colorado Cases

Last week's conviction of Boulder County serial killer Scott Lee Kimball came despite the prosecution not knowing how many victims Kimball had killed.

Memories of Charles Manson remain fresh in Death Valley

The isolated cabin in Death Valley where Charles Manson and his followers planned their murder sprees and where he was later arrested was gutted by a fire in May.

Outsider: Wisconsin has a cult of death unique unto itself

Being a life-long Wisconsin resident leads me to believe that in some ways our state has a weird cult of death.

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