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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Kingdom of Amarugia 
I'm getting a lot of hits today from people searching for info on the Kingdom of Amarugia or the Amarugia Highlands. Any idea why? Drop me a line and let me know. My email link is on the right or you can leave a comment by clicking the time stamp below.

I wish I had more for you folks but info on the Kingdom is mighty scarce indeed. Send some along if you have it.

There's an article that briefly references it in this month's edition of Missouri Conservationist. You are one of the top google hits for the erstwhile kingdom.
Thanks Parrish, I'll try to get my hands on it.
I too read the Conservationist article. Piqued my interest and I also googled it. Knew of the conservation area but just wanted to learn more about that period. The conservationist article mentioned that it was an attempted independent government. Want to know more.
Same info here. Was reading the Missouri Conservationist and they featured a conservaion area that included some of the land from this "kingdom" from years ago. Was fascinated about the brief reference made in the article and was hoping to find out more info. Yours was one of the main sites when I Googled it. Hope you can shed some light on this subject.
I'm working on gathering more info - I hope to have some soon and will update on the main page when I do.
i too read it in the consevationist...i live in the butler area just down 71 hwy.there is a book on amazon .com about it and i am going to see what i can find out in archie in person
Have you found anything regarding the Amarugia legends? I have been searching forever and the only thing I've found was one book that is no longer being sold and does not have any copies available anywhere.
Been to the Amarugia's many times. It is a dangerous area due to the doors that have been open for evil spirits, these doors have been opened by Devil worshipers. Im a 21 year old thrill seeker and the things i have seen out there haunt me to this day. Avoid researching this area, it will posses you, that is why this place that everyone talks about has no published history of the truth out there. only the locals know the dangers
I live just to the North of the area. Last Saturday night [July 30, 2011] four of us agreed to fish there in late evening. It was clear until we arrived to a full blown thunderstorm [weather here has been 100+ with NO rain for days]and an awesome lightening storm. We stayed in our vehicle for about 25 minutes before conceding. We drove a couple of miles North to Harrisonville and there wasn't a drop of water on the pavement. It was extremely odd.
Yea I grew up in and around this area and what the 21 year old thrill seeker said has some truths. Not too sure about doors to hell but there is always an erie feeling when entering the highlands. For more info you'd have to ask the locals but between me and other locals There are millions of strange and sometimes life threatening stories about a cult like people capable of flight and other frightening skills. Stories of sacrafices, hell hounds, shadow like people and very unfriendly people that live closest to the area. Ps. You won't find info on the net because there is none.
There are books titled "Tales of the Amarugia Highlands of Cass County, Missouri" for sale by the Cass County Historical Society in Harrisonville, Missouri.
I live in this area and I'm 24 herd a lot of different stories about the place and I am wantin to put together a group of people to go out there one night or for a weekend and scout it out and see if there is such stories if interested let me no
Next weekend the dog and I will be there at 3am to set up and then kill....
All of the quackers who cooperate...
Whose with me?
Its the Missouri Duck opener...woohoo!
Doors to hell? Hmmm... grew up there and so did my grandfather and his ancestors. The land is still in the family. There are lots of stories about the old kingdom. Nothing evil to my knowledge. Teens have loved to get their thrills in that area for decades and come back to school to tell their ghost stories, it seems.
I lived just a few short miles away from the amarugia highlands for years, used to run dogs after coons and hunt deer on an ajacent property l've never seen nor heard anything that spooked me. I fished until the late hours of an evening and never saw "hell hounds" or any other demons. I reckon its just another place to go enjoy the outdoors.
Related story in Oct 24, 2013 issue of the North Cass Herald, titled "The man with the Lantern"
This is from Nancy Carolyn Crutcher Thomas Baltinsky. I'm a native of the Amarugia highlands. My mom/dad helped build the little SouthFork church that is still very active. If someone my mom wasn't too impressed with was mentioned in our conversation, she'd say, "Oh, they're from out in Amarugea. . ." I didn't know exactly what that meant at that time, very young and untraveled; but upon growing up, I visited that area--and was astounded by its beauty, its serenity,prestinity. It lies between Harrisonville, Freeman, Archie and Drexel Missouri--all in Cass Co. Mo. Army corps of engineers built a lake there, but drained it--there were cars in it. The Christianson family (farmers) have lived there many years.Cass County Highlands Are Subject of a Book Cass County Highlands Are Subject of a Book November 23, 1972 Short article about a booklet written by Donald Lewis Osborn called Tales of the Amarugia Highlands of Cass County, Missouri, that is "a hodgepode collection of facts, legends, traditions, and yarns
Is there a gravity hill there
Is there a gravity hill there
We're researching the Amarugia kingdom. Would you be willing to talk to us?
i live near the amarugia outsie of freeman not far from the church we have had paranomal come here four time their is something out side they think it is a portal we have four ghost in side the house that protect it from what ever is out side two men and two ladies i am trying to find out the history of this land

It's amazing that we know more about Indians 10,000 years ago than we do about the kingdom a few hundred years ago, I go explore the hills in the highlands all the time and have found some spooky spots but never seen anything spiritual. The only threat out there is snakes and the crazy locals
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