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Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Night's Murders 

Report points to homicide in mystery S.F. death

An independent review of the bizarre 2007 stabbing death of a French citizen at his Hayes Valley apartment in San Francisco has determined that he was attacked outside his door and did not commit suicide.

A murder contract on a nightclub owner

1958: The owner of Orange County’s most famous nightclub was murdered in his driveway and his wife had her hands blasted off by a shotgun-wielding gunman.

Drew Peterson wants to sell his house to Fox News

He's not gunning for a typical buyer.

Convicted Murderer Sues Wikipedia, Demands Removal of His Name

Wikipedia is under a censorship attack by a convicted murderer who is invoking Germany’s privacy laws in a bid to remove references to his killing of a Bavarian actor in 1990.

A loner looking for a romantic connection goes on a killing spree

1973: Carl Eckstrom was so desperate for female companionship that one day in 1973 that he drove to the Cerritos Mall, walked up to two young women in a parking lot, showed them a gun, and demanded that they go with him.

Fernando Bermudez declared innocent after serving 18 years in prison for murder

Cheers and sobs erupted in a Manhattan courtroom on Thursday as a judge dismissed the indictment against the father of three - and scolded prosecutors for not acknowledging sooner that they'd nabbed the wrong man.

The Death of an Elvis Impersonator

It is a crime with Las Vegas flavor. A well-known Elvis tribute artist and his beauty queen girlfriend were shot and killed in what looked like a mob-style hit.

Suspect list 'small' in mesa murders

The hunt for the killer behind the murders and burials of 11 women on Albuquerque's West Mesa has developed a short list of suspects, an investigator close to the investigation told KRQE News 13.

Update: Highway Killers

In the bizarre realm of serial killers possibly working as long-haul truckers being looked at by the FBI in literally hundreds of cases, there does not appear to be an end in sight to the horrors being committed along our nation's highways.

'His murderer could still be alive today'

The grand-daughter of the victim of one of South Wales's oldest unsolved murder cases has spoken about the pain of his death — more than 60 years after it happened.

Unsolved: Trick or Treat Murder of 1982

Dubbed the "Trick or Treat Murder," Marvin Brandland, 69, was shot in his home on Ninth Avenue South, on Oct. 30, 1982, by a young man wearing a pillow case over his head - under the pretext of being a trick or treater.

BBC documentary to reveal Ripper questioning over Liverpool's Lorraine Jacob murder

Inside Out North West examines police files surrounding the killing of mum-of-two Lorraine Jacob and exclusively discloses that the Yorkshire Ripper was questioned about the killing at the time.

Night stalker: from Jack the Ripper to the black cab rapist, Britain's criminal reigns of terror

Spanning almost 20 years the night stalker attacks rank among Britain's long-running criminal reigns of terror.

Original coverage of Clutter murders from Nov. 16, 1959

The following is one of the original stories published in the Garden City Telegram on Nov. 16, 1959, the day after the bodies of Herb, Bonnie, Nancy and Kenyon Clutter were found in their Holcomb home.

Accused Yale Employee Behaved Suspiciously
An animal research technician charged with killing a Yale graduate student raised suspicions when he began scrubbing floors after the crime and tried to move a box of bloody wipes from the view of an investigator, according to an arrest warrant released Friday.

Why I'm convinced my husband is innocent of the Beauty in the Bath murder

Hers has often seemed like a hopeless cause, but now, an astonishing 26 years after the murder, evidence has come to light that suggests Susan Taft's faith in his innocence is not misplaced.

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