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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Some Tuesday Murders 

Missing Ariz. teen's family finally knows her fate

It took a determined family member, a historian and a detective to realize that Howard could be "Jane Doe," a young woman whose nude and battered body was found along a Boulder, Colo., creek in 1954. It took a DNA test to confirm their suspicions.

Tangled web of 'Black Widow' case

Grandmother Betty Neumar has had five husbands, some of whom died in suspicious circumstances. As she awaits trial in the US over the death of husband number four, film-maker Norman Hull investigates whether the woman known as 'The Black Widow' could really have been a serial killer.

Fears Geelong woman may be victim of serial killer

Earlier this year NSW Deputy State Coroner Carl Milovanovich wanted police to set up a taskforce to reinvestigate a string of missing young women after learning the possible murder of Ms Carmichael was treated as a suicide for more than three years.

Enduring murder mystery: Was justice too swift?

The victim, Marion Hart, 39, was killed on the late afternoon of Oct. 13, 1915, in a rough-hewn, one-room shack at 1098 Old Stone Rd. -- now Richmond Avenue -- in Bulls Head on Staten Island's West Shore.

With pic of the shack. Imagine living in there with another person, two dogs, and a litter of puppies.

Porn Star Murdered in Woodland Hills

Michaels "was a nickel and dime player who always aspired to be a quarter."

Cops See Break in 1971 New Hampshire Murder

Autumn brings a chilling memory for many residents of Franklin, N.H. It's the time of year when Kathy Gloddy, 13 at the time, vanished in broad daylight almost 40 years ago.

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