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Saturday, January 31, 2009

'Strange tentacled UFO' in California 
With pics.

Sighting a Sea Serpent 

Sasquatch, 1934 

Friday, January 30, 2009

Indiana: New Joker Attack 

Did an Asteroid Strike Billions of Years Ago Flip the Moon Around? 

Scientists Not So Sure 'Doomsday Machine' Won't Destroy World 

Clots Thicken Neolithic Murder Mystery 

When Orb's Attack! 

Fingerprints Filter The Vibrations Fingers Feel 

Curtains for ghost caught on camera... 
With pic.

UFO Round-Up 

Докторрр ин дер ролле Fima_Psuchopadt 

Silbury Hill mystery soon to be resolved 

Professor works to learn truth behind historical Booth letter mystery 

Something Wicked this way Flaps: Anomalous Bats and Cryptozoology 

Unveiling the mystery of Mona Lisa 

Mark Twain Writing From Beyond The Grave 

Sasquatch, 1935, 1945 
Cryptomundo looks back

Weird Universe 
I added Weird Universe to the links.

'Immortal' jellyfish swarming across the world 
The Turritopsis Nutricula is able to revert back to a juvenile form once it mates after becoming sexually mature.

I am also able to revert back to a juvenile form after I mate, but I don't look any different.

Thanks Scott, for the link.

Amanda Knox: Prosecutor takes on "Friends of Amanda" 

Mysterious Creatures and UFO Sightings Baffle Pennsylvanians During 2008 
Giant birds, Bigfoot and more.

‘Evil animal’ prowls the streets 

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Beast of Essex spotted by police officer 

Mystery of huge smoke circles 
With pic.

Petrified wood: from healer to jeweller 

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

12,900 Years Ago: North American Comet Impact Theory Disproved 

Exiled earl may have been the model for Prospero 

New move in big cat riddle 

Black Lips escape arrest in India 

Danish murder mystery solved? 

Painting found in warehouse bin sells for $8,000 

Historic Miami Circle shrouded from public view 

Mitchell resident shoots one of world's largest mountain lions 

The Stockwell Poltergeist 

Lost "Sleeping Beauty" Mummy Formula Found 

Mysterious Mountain Fire Burning for Over a Month 

Welcome to the ghost fair 

Area mystery mounds delight archaeologists 

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Still without a computer 
Sorry gang. My computer is still in the shop and I have been informed that I will not be getting it back for perhaps two weeks due to a recall on that particular model (thanks Hewlitt Packard!) I'm disappointed, as you can imagine, but hopefully I will be back online soon.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Technical Difficulties 
Due to a computer malfunction I will be unable to post until probably this weekend. My apologies. Until then, explore the links and I'll be back soon with more weird stuff!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Finding beasts and blue holes in the Bahamas 

Conspiracy of silence: Could the release of secret documents shatter Felix Mendelssohn's reputation? 

Digging up our own N. American mythology 

Fairy tales with a sinister twist 

Chaos Magic: The Misunderstood Path 

Rare depressor brings in a tongue-wagging $14,100 

Stage is set for Knox trial 

The Mystery Of The SS Ourang Medan’s Dead Crew 

Sunday, January 11, 2009

10 close encounters caught on tape 

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Greatest Inventions Nikola Tesla Never Created 

Bigfoot-UFO researcher George Lutz gets candid - an 8-part video interview 

The Grave Eaters 

The Enigma of the Enchanted Hills 

Where the wild things are 

Scientists Discover Rare, Venomous Shrew-like Mammal 
With pic.

Saturday night special: Biggest full moon of '09 

Monsters of the Dark Waters 

The Natural History of Unicorns by Chris Lavers 
Book review.

Rome Welcomes The Devil 

Bigfoot was here 

The Mystery of 2012? 

The New Annotated Dracula 

New Study: Autism Linked to Environment 

Stolen by the Nazis: The tragic tale of 12,000 blue-eyed blond children taken by the SS to create an Aryan super-race 

Coalisland's ghostly attraction 
Pilgrims and pranksters drawn by sightings of a pale old woman in country lane.

With video and tremendous Northern Irish accents.

L.A. museum displays legendary diamond 

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Stonehenge Beneath the Waters of Lake Michigan 

Man has close encounter with musical UFO 
That settles it: UFOs are interstellar jukeboxes.

See also this strange story from the Ukraine, which reads like a classic 50s abduction tale and even includes some alien canoodling, and this abduction story from Nebraska.

Is this the Beast of Exmoor? Body of mystery animal washes up on beach 

Mike Conley's Tales of the Weird 

Jelly-like blob baffling 
With pic.

Old News: Sea serpents sighted off the coast 

Execution last time bells true, folks say 

Ia! Ia! 

Did UFO Damage UK Wind Turbine? 

Mystery over 1665 plague pit site 

Severed head mystery: MoD joins in hunt 

Treasure Hunting 

Ancient Greeks' homes may have doubled as bars and brothels 

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Aerial photos develop into snapshot of history along British coast 

How Huge Flying Reptiles Got Airborne 

Get Shanghaied in the Portland underground 

Top Ten Bigfoot Books + 20 
Loren Coleman counts them down.

Huge undersea 'wall' discovered 

Shadow People Stalk a Dying Man 
From the Shadows tells the tale.

The Continued Mystery of Off-Colored Animalia 

Cottingley Fairies on Antiques Roadshow 

The word is… Cartocacoethes 

Woman Finds 139-Year-Old Baseball Card 

Ancient Peruvian civilization's trophy heads slow to give up mysteries 

No Smoking in the Skull Cave 
I added No Smoking in the Skull Cave to the links. Fun stuff but some of it may not be safe for work (unless you work in an awesome place. Are you guys hiring?)

You’ll Find The Best Books (and folks) in the Strangest Places 

'UFO' sighting in Sawley caught on film 
With video.

The Cryptid Chronicles 
There's a new weekly cryptozoological news letter on the scene and publisher David Acord is giving away a free download of the first issue. Whistling snakes, the North Dakota Whatsit, Anomalous Lizards and much more. Definitely worth a read.

Check it out at the The Cryptid Chronicles. Via Nick Redfern.

Fate of Civil War sub still a mystery 

Sundance Kid in Duchesne? 

Big cats caught on camera in Gloucestershire forest 

Dark eclipsed Moon and cold weather in 1761 attributed to mysterious volcanic eruption 

Grail 2008 - Hidden History Summary 

Mystic visions of 2009 from 100 years ago 

Monday, January 05, 2009

10 Amazing Uncovered Treasures From 2008 
From The Avid Collector. Another goodie via Bill Crider's Pop Culture Magazine.

UFO photographed by army sergeant in Chile 

LAIR OF THE BEASTS- A Menagerie of Monsters 

Varmint of Turkey Hollow 

Strange sleep disorders: Sexsomnia to sudden death 

The Freak Storm of 1925 

1 man. 5 cities. 200 years. Poe died alone, but everyone claims him now 

Prince Madoc and the Legend of White Indians 

Stonehenge was 'giant concert venue' 

Kennedys, Castros, and Murder 

RIP Edward D. Cartier 
Edward D. Cartier, whose illustrations graced "The Shadow" and numerous other science fiction and mystery publications in a career that spanned several decades, has died at 94.

The Shadow's Sanctum has more info and some cool scans of Edd's work. They also have tons of Shadow-related material for your perusal.

Thelonious Monk's Advice 

Hard Case Crime - Interview with Charles Ardai 
As some of you know, I've read my fair share of crime and mystery fiction. Many hours of my youth were spent in the company of flatfoots, gumshoes, grifters, gangsters, molls, footpads, second-story men and other assorted ne'er-do-wells. Recently I've been working my way through the Hard Case Crime line, a thrilling throwback to the era of cheap pulp paperbacks and I've been loving every minute of it. Brisk storytelling, colorful characters, and reprints of long-forgotten classics by masters in the field. They also publish new work written in the spirit of the Golden Age of the Paperback and all of their books come with gorgeous newly commissioned covers. Plus, you can subscribe and get the books mailed right to your door at half bookstore prices, even after shipping.

The Tainted Archive has posted an excellent interview with Hard Case creator Charles Ardai and it's full of goodies if you're interested. I was.

Has BFRO Captured Thermal Images of a Bigfoot? 
The Gralien Report has the video. Best video image at about 1:35 to 1:45. The original report is at BFRO. Interesting stuff to be sure.

See also: Local Bigfoot Investigation

The Lighthouse Ghost 

Can you really sleepwalk into crime? 

New Year 2009: Leading thinkers offer predictions of 'next big thing' 

Friday, January 02, 2009

Alaska Town Abuzz Over Mystery Sky Explosion 

CEO of NASA contractor Lockheed knew of extraterrestrial UFO visitors 

Space Ships, Skin Walkers, Ghosts, and Beyond 

The Top 10 Cryptozoology Stories of 2008 
Cryptomundo counts 'em down.

Stolen Alamo cannonball mysteriously resurfaces 

Doc raises several flickers of interest 

'Innocent Dr Crippen should be given a pardon by Queen' 

Diamonds show comet struck North America, scientists say 

UFO Round-Up 

Plaque may provide link with Stonehenge 

RIP Donald E. Westlake 
The final indignity of 2008 - the death of one of America's finest writers. I spent many wonderful hours of my adolescence engrossed in his work and I'm still trying to track down some of his more elusive Parker novels. Thanks for the good times, Mr. Westlake. You will be missed.


Trial of the Century 

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Sons find dad’s submarine, sunk in 1942 

Lincoln diarist still a mystery 
Who was "a Public Man?"

The Australian 'Panther' - It’s actually a cat, but what a cat 

Missouri rancher is gone, but mystery remains 
What happened to David Cook?

Mystery surrounds north Ga. ruins 

Another Serial Killer in Louisiana? Yes, No, Maybe? 

Treasure ship near Refugio? Californian fighting to dig for it 

Whoever named Oregon left no trail 

'Beast of Bolivia': Veteran shoots 50-pound bobcat 

Another ghost sighted along notorious Berks road 

On Bigfoot's trail 

Another mystery boom hits the Lowcountry coast 

Happy 90th Birthday JD Salinger 

US alligator found far from home 

A Telephone in 1665? 
Can thoust heareth me anow?

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