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Monday, November 30, 2009

Fishing Rods From Carrot Sticks and Canvas Made of Concrete?! Seven Amazing Materials 
Slideshow. Neat stuff.

Top 10 Mysterious People 

Occult of Personality 

Bounty's ghosts boost bids for old naval logbook 

50 ultimate travel experiences 

Triangular Snowflakes Have Scientists Puzzled 

Adolf Hitler's Mercedes, the ultimate war trophy for a Russian collector 

Archaeologist Kathryn Bard’s Amazing Egyptian Digs 

Wreck may hold clue to nation's discovery 
Did American whalers discover the east coast of Australia before Captain Cook?

See also: Old skull European, DNA tests confirm

History's gotten a bit more confusing Down Under.

New York History Blog 
I added New York History Blog to the links. Lots of good info for Empire State enthusiasts.

Bizarre mutilations of cattle lead to 'alien visitor' theory 

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bigfoot researchers pick up on 'Booger' 

Exclusive: Comics Legend Steve Bissette on His New Monsters 

Tiny magnetic discs could kill cancer cells: study 

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Secret CIA 'magic' manual from Cold War era on sale 

Italian doctor may have found surprisingly simple cure for Multiple Sclerosis 

Evidence of life on Mars lurks beneath surface of meteorite, Nasa experts claim 

Bizarre calf mutilations found on Colorado ranch 


Santa’s Family Tree ‘09 

Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Birthday, Billy the Kid -- Outlaw from the Lower East Side 

Skinwalkers: What Are They? 

Loch Ness Monster 'family-friendly' to boost tourism 

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Kingdom of Amarugia 
I'm getting a lot of hits today from people searching for info on the Kingdom of Amarugia or the Amarugia Highlands. Any idea why? Drop me a line and let me know. My email link is on the right or you can leave a comment by clicking the time stamp below.

I wish I had more for you folks but info on the Kingdom is mighty scarce indeed. Send some along if you have it.

Aeronauts From The Future 

The scarecrow of Sagle 

What's killing cows and chickens in Pittsylvania County? 

On the trail of the New York bigfoot 

Is case finally closed on 1965 UFO mystery? 

Monster Waves On The Sun Are Real 

The Addams Gallery 

Woman’s Judo pioneer dies 

The Man who exposed Stalin and the nazis 

'Antifreeze' Molecules Collected from Subzero Bug 

Mengele had no hand in rise in twin births in Brazil 

Experts inch closer to a cure for coughing 

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Patient trapped in a 23-year 'coma' was conscious all along 

1935 Sewer Gator Story Confirmed 
Crypomundo's got it.

Origin of Species found in British loo 

Found in Bradford: The lost England of Queen's Brian May 

The making of a serial killer 

Weird data suggests something big beyond the edge of the universe 

From the Files of the RJ's Surrealist Research Bureau 

Alive After 47 Minutes With No Heartbeat 

Mermaids in Myth and Art 

I traced my dad... and discovered he is Charles Manson 

Awesome or Off-Putting: The Brosno Dragon 

July death of woman who came to Camden County for 'spiritual cleansing' is ruled accidental 

B.C. researchers discover gold rush ghost ship in Yukon lake 

Scientology's dark secrets 

Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Night's Murders 

io9. We come from the future. 
I added io9 to the links.

Giant earthworks mystery at Cerne Abbas 

Florida panther found decapitated near Yeehaw Junction 

Annals of Unsolved Crime: The Oswald Mystery 

Where the Wild Things Are 

Mystery Serbian healer goes missing 

Mystery lights pass over Moutere area 

Vintage suitcase projects 
Clever and crafty.

Seven Gigantic Rock Figures Rising from Beneath the Urals 

Beacon-News writers find strange happenings 

Students under grip of mystery stroke 

Interview with Autumn Breeze, 5th Generation Witch 
Demons, ghosts, angels, etc.

Historic photographs found dumped under FW bridge 

South Dakota man shoots a feral pig, rare in the Midwest 

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sonic Weapons 

Paleo-Future Blog 
I added Paleo-Future - A look into the future that never was to the links. Thanks for the tip, Scott.

The Eye of the Watcher 

'Fat for cosmetics' murder suspects arrested in Peru 

Lamp controlled by the power of your mind! 

Midwest megameteor makes media madness 
With very cool video.

See also:

Friday, November 20, 2009

Museum: Galileo's fingers, tooth are found 

JFK relics scattered across U.S. still hold mystique 

Rebel Witches and the Creation of Capitalism 

Friday's Flying Saucers 

What Richard Nixon knew about Watergate: forensic experts investigate 

Treasure hunt on an international scale 

Surprises still to come in Knox trial 

Paititi: The Last Secret of the Incas? 

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Was there a Stone Age apocalypse or not? 


Mammoth dung unravels extinction 

Psychic dog signals incoming phone calls 
Or does it?

Indianapolis Schools Block Atheist Sites 

Scientists Say Jupiter's Moon Europa Might Be Teeming With Fish 

Remote viewing used by government psychic spies 

At Twilight, Interview with a Vampire … Expert 

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Some Wednesday Witchcraft 

Police seize elderly Mexican man over 'witch' killing.

Mexican authorities have arrested a 78-year-old man on charges he killed a woman he believed was a witch who had put a spell on him.

Storyteller delights audience with Hispanic folklore

Nasario García's eyes widened as he told the story of a boy who snuck out of his grandmother's home and was attacked by a witch.

Tarot cards could spell out your future

You see, many modern-day witches and magicians believe magick is the route to happy relationships and happy lives. And let's be honest, who couldn't do with a helping hand?

Greek police smash voodoo prostitution ring

They say it is the latest incident involving Nigerian women forced by witchcraft into selling their bodies in Europe.

The healing benefits of a witch’s brew

The ancient fort, built before the dawn of Islam, stands vigilant in the middle of the modern part of Bahla, a town famed for its witchcraft and whose reputation extends to the rest of the Gulf and as far as Oman’s former colonies in east Africa.

Brian May wows audience with set of Victorian photos 

The Stupidest Story You'll Read Today 

The art and airships of Charles Dellschau 
Nice review of The Secrets of Dellschau: The Sonora Aero Club and the Airships of the 1800's. Interesting stuff. Via the Anomalist.

Real-life rolling stones creep across Death Valley in California 

Scientist, Psychic Weigh in on Standing Broom Phenomenon 

Lost on the turnpike of possibilities, looking for signposts 
The Blogsquatcher looks at the strange connections between Bigfoot and UFOs. Be sure to watch the hi-larious trailer for Invasion of the Saucer Men. They really picked the wrong voice-over guy. Interesting comments, too.

Apocalypse Soon? 

''SHANGRI-LA'' CAVE PICTURES: Art, Texts, Bones Revealed 

In Sri Lankan politics, not even an opposition astrologer is safe 

Don't pack your parachute: Totally free fall 
Will the wingsuit make the parachute obsolete? With cool video.

NGC's Explorer Nazi Mystery 

Mystery as Sea; Rescuers Find No Survivors 

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mysterious sea creature spotted in Madeira Beach canal 

The Lost Nation of Iynkicidu 

Cryptozoology museum opens on Congress Street 

150-year-old mystery in Athol may be revealed 

Mystery black panther spotted in Belgian forest 

The Vanished Army: Solving an Ancient Egyptian Mystery 

Mothman’s legend lives on 

The mysterious death 

Ned Kelly skull 'find' could solve one of Australia's great mysteries 

New Australian PelviSteel exercisers help women have better sex 
Two words: Vaginal Barbell.

Explosive New Book Exposes the CIA, LSD Experiments and Murder 

Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Night's Murders 

Report points to homicide in mystery S.F. death

An independent review of the bizarre 2007 stabbing death of a French citizen at his Hayes Valley apartment in San Francisco has determined that he was attacked outside his door and did not commit suicide.

A murder contract on a nightclub owner

1958: The owner of Orange County’s most famous nightclub was murdered in his driveway and his wife had her hands blasted off by a shotgun-wielding gunman.

Drew Peterson wants to sell his house to Fox News

He's not gunning for a typical buyer.

Convicted Murderer Sues Wikipedia, Demands Removal of His Name

Wikipedia is under a censorship attack by a convicted murderer who is invoking Germany’s privacy laws in a bid to remove references to his killing of a Bavarian actor in 1990.

A loner looking for a romantic connection goes on a killing spree

1973: Carl Eckstrom was so desperate for female companionship that one day in 1973 that he drove to the Cerritos Mall, walked up to two young women in a parking lot, showed them a gun, and demanded that they go with him.

Fernando Bermudez declared innocent after serving 18 years in prison for murder

Cheers and sobs erupted in a Manhattan courtroom on Thursday as a judge dismissed the indictment against the father of three - and scolded prosecutors for not acknowledging sooner that they'd nabbed the wrong man.

The Death of an Elvis Impersonator

It is a crime with Las Vegas flavor. A well-known Elvis tribute artist and his beauty queen girlfriend were shot and killed in what looked like a mob-style hit.

Suspect list 'small' in mesa murders

The hunt for the killer behind the murders and burials of 11 women on Albuquerque's West Mesa has developed a short list of suspects, an investigator close to the investigation told KRQE News 13.

Update: Highway Killers

In the bizarre realm of serial killers possibly working as long-haul truckers being looked at by the FBI in literally hundreds of cases, there does not appear to be an end in sight to the horrors being committed along our nation's highways.

'His murderer could still be alive today'

The grand-daughter of the victim of one of South Wales's oldest unsolved murder cases has spoken about the pain of his death — more than 60 years after it happened.

Unsolved: Trick or Treat Murder of 1982

Dubbed the "Trick or Treat Murder," Marvin Brandland, 69, was shot in his home on Ninth Avenue South, on Oct. 30, 1982, by a young man wearing a pillow case over his head - under the pretext of being a trick or treater.

BBC documentary to reveal Ripper questioning over Liverpool's Lorraine Jacob murder

Inside Out North West examines police files surrounding the killing of mum-of-two Lorraine Jacob and exclusively discloses that the Yorkshire Ripper was questioned about the killing at the time.

Night stalker: from Jack the Ripper to the black cab rapist, Britain's criminal reigns of terror

Spanning almost 20 years the night stalker attacks rank among Britain's long-running criminal reigns of terror.

Original coverage of Clutter murders from Nov. 16, 1959

The following is one of the original stories published in the Garden City Telegram on Nov. 16, 1959, the day after the bodies of Herb, Bonnie, Nancy and Kenyon Clutter were found in their Holcomb home.

Accused Yale Employee Behaved Suspiciously
An animal research technician charged with killing a Yale graduate student raised suspicions when he began scrubbing floors after the crime and tried to move a box of bloody wipes from the view of an investigator, according to an arrest warrant released Friday.

Why I'm convinced my husband is innocent of the Beauty in the Bath murder

Hers has often seemed like a hopeless cause, but now, an astonishing 26 years after the murder, evidence has come to light that suggests Susan Taft's faith in his innocence is not misplaced.

I added Mutate! A General Interest Blog for Weirdos to the links.

Scientists Test First Universal Programmable Quantum Computer 

Special Assignment: Wisconsin Werewolf 

Were rats behind Easter Island mystery? 

Finding the phantoms in the forest 

L.A. County sheriff's deputies arrest 74-year-old tagging suspect 

Silver bullets not only kill vampires but bacteria 

Hypnosis has 'real' brain effect 

Is there something wrong with the laws of physics? 

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Champ, 1929 

Cat banned from visiting Buddhist bank robber in jail 

Self-identified vampires create community in South Florida 

UCLA study proves looking at photo of loved one reduces pain 

Robots perform Shakespeare to learn how to save people 

NZ team to drill for whisky in Antarctica 

Mystery: Notorious criminal, greed, fame and a love affair 

Friday, November 13, 2009

NASA: Bombing the Moon Provided Definite Evidence of Lunar Water 

Speak of the Devil: The Many Faces of Cinematic Satanism 

Happy Friday the 13th! 
Have a great weekend everybody.

Italian hunt for Nessie moves onshore! 

City of Symbols 

Friday's Flying Saucers 

A Satanic cult touches off a wave of fear with a two-day killing spree 

Scientists find out why language is unique to humans 

'Ned Kelly's skull' handed to authorities 

Author: Ancient Mayans never predicted doomsday in 2012 

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Crime Writer Michael Connelly Tackles Hong Kong Case 

Bigfoot in the Midstate? 
With video.

Mystery Spot: The John Dillinger Museum in Hammond, Indiana 

Lair of the Beasts: A New York Monster 

Cracking the code 

Mystery Lights – A Personal Story 

Records on Kecksburg 1965 event an unsolved mystery 

Remains likely those of ’70s serial killer victim 

The Altamaha river Creature ....The Altamaha-ha 

BC Lake Monster Like “A Hippo” 

Thesaurus Rex 

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Some Wednesday Witchcraft 

Japan's 'Black Widow' serial killer accused of killing six men 

La Paz celebrates Day of the Skulls 

The Art of Steampunk hits Oxford's Museum of the History of Science 
With some cool pics.

Pittsburgh handwriting expert shares theories on 'Jack the Ripper' 

Placenta Teddy Bear Repulses Many 

Missouri, yoga go toe to toe over sales tax 

FBI said 1951 death wasn't 'spontaneous human combustion,' but mystery persists 

Texas Trails: Buried Treasure 

Encyclopaedia Britannica 1768: 10 weird facts 

Bulgaria: Bulgarian Man Sets Himself on Fire over Turkish-Language News on National TV 
With "Dude, you're on fire" pic.

Best Books of 2009 

From The Vaults, A Look At Early Indie-Movie History 

Will probe's upcoming fly-by unlock exotic physics? 

History mystery solved for Battle of Britain veteran 

Doubts cast on Chessmen origins 

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Grisly man 
Interview with David Kulczyk, author of Death in California: The Bizarre, Freakish, and Just Curious Ways People Die in the Golden State and a bunch of other interesting books.

Monsters From the Old Testament Who Want to Eat Your Kishkes 

Uncanny Archaeology 

Exclusive: Mike Connell's Family Copes With His Mysterious Death, Tipsters, Legal Options 

The Faceless Phantom of Langmead Street 

'Mayan 2012 apocalypse theory' not true, Nasa says 

Eerie screams spook villagers 

A Missouri Bigfoot 

Witches' Brews 

Mass extinction blamed on fiery fountains of coal 

Shanghai's midnight markets 
Sounds like fun.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Monday Night's Murders 

Weekly photo flashback: the Torso Murders of the 1930s

Led by our famous safety director, Elliot Ness, they turned the city upside down. But the man who was dubbed "The butcher of Kingsbury Run" was never held accountable for his Jack-The-Ripper-style crimes - the gruesome string of murders between September 1935 and August 1938.

Yet Another Killer Dad in the Black Dahlia Case

With the publication of Steve Hodel’s “Black Dahlia Avenger” and “Most Evil,” I assumed that the market for “Daddy did it” claims about the Black Dahlia case was exhausted, particularly after the tragic suicide of Janice Knowlton, who began this bizarre publishing genre with “Daddy Was the Black Dahlia Killer.”

But no.

Screams heard as family killed in their Sydney home

The English-born curator found murdered with his author daughter at her $1 million Sydney suburban home was a respected art figure who organised the acclaimed Sydney Biennale three times, it has emerged.

Haunted by the mystery of Lee Ellen's last hours

Twelve years ago Lee Ellen Stace's remains were found in a bush grave. Her parents hope that a coronial inquiry into the schoolgirl's unsolved murder will help to lessen their agony.

Fortitude Valley killing mystery means killer still on streets

So far the man responsible for the unprovoked attack on Stephen Dickson, 53, has eluded detectives – despite being caught on camera at the scene.

Mexican mayor announces death of drug boss hours before body found

Mexico City prosecutors say corpse of Hector 'Black' Saldaña not discovered until three hours after Mauricio Fernandez declared him dead

Wife of Washington sniper reveals the chilling reasons why her husband gunned down 13 strangers

In a sensational new book, she claims her ex-husband shot all those people simply to lay the ground for another murder - her own - so that he could regain custody of their three children.

Police: Woman Missing For 10+ Years

Girly Chew came to America to find the husband of her dreams -- a rich American doctor, but what she found was a conman and a killer.

One year later, Harrisonville woman’s murder still a mystery

The investigation also found its way to an FBI fraud probe already under way into the relationship between a giant New York bank and the insurance company where Cara Jo Roberts worked until being laid off a week before she was killed.

Disputed evidence in spotlight as Amanda Knox trial nears end

Within weeks of British student Meredith Kercher's death in the vibrant college town of Perugia, Italy, prosecutors and police declared the case closed.

Vanished Persian Army Said Found in Desert 

UK scholars linked to 'stolen' bowls of Babylon 

The 'grandmother hypothesis' 

He's positive these are famous negatives 

Traces of Mithras in Malta 

Dinosaur whodunit: Is Shiva crater the missing link? 

This burning mystery is little-known part of history 

Hope revives in 1955 case of missing Sullivan tot 

Dead Wrong: Man Attends Own Funeral After Mix-Up Over Body's ID 

Kansas mountain lions do exist 

Does Dauphin County Man Have Bigfoot Footage? 

Mystery as 50,000 dead starfish wash ashore in Ireland 
With pic.

Land of mystery 

10 Failed Doomsday Predictions 

3-D Model Of Lee Harvey Oswald's Head: A Setback For Conspiracy Theorists 

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Sunday's FlyingSaucers 

Friday, November 06, 2009

Jon Ronson: The Men Who Stare At Goats 
Great interview with Jon Ronson, author of The Men Who Stare at Goats. Includes some insight as to what was really going on at Abu Ghraib.

Collector finds unseen Charlie Chaplin film in tin sold for £3.20 on eBay 

Mystery creature in scrub 

'Inner statue' under Nefertiti bust? 

Coroner confirms ID of foot found on Richmond beach 

The Many Mysteries of Neanderthals 

Newborns Cry With An Accent, Study Finds 

Ice chunks from sky batter a North Side house 

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Caged in the human zoo 

On first time out with his metal detector, amateur treasure hunter finds £1m hoard of gold torcs 

Disappearance of plane in 1991 is still a mystery 

Ancient Eruption May Have Hit Mediterranean Societies With Tsunamis 

Petroglyphs in Southeast Alaska 

The World’s Largest Pyramid is in Mexico, and is Invisible to the Naked Eye 

Rines never found his 'Nessie' 

Investigator absorbed in mesa murders 

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Mystery of Forest Park Cannon Solved; Spanish Gun Arrived in St. Louis in 1900 

Hugh Cameron, "The Kansas Hermit" 
Cameron at one time lived in a tree near Lawrence.

Sweet. Thanks, Ian!

Some Wednesday Witchcraft 

Suspicious track at Dolly Sods has group on watch 

UFOs, Orgasms and the Occult: The Tucson Connection 

Inventor who claimed he saw Loch Ness Monster dies aged 87 

Strange happenings force family to live in small hut 

Indiana Jones and the Micronesia temple 
The mystery of Nan Madol.

Searching for a Devil in the deep, dark woods 

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Some Tuesday Murders 

Missing Ariz. teen's family finally knows her fate

It took a determined family member, a historian and a detective to realize that Howard could be "Jane Doe," a young woman whose nude and battered body was found along a Boulder, Colo., creek in 1954. It took a DNA test to confirm their suspicions.

Tangled web of 'Black Widow' case

Grandmother Betty Neumar has had five husbands, some of whom died in suspicious circumstances. As she awaits trial in the US over the death of husband number four, film-maker Norman Hull investigates whether the woman known as 'The Black Widow' could really have been a serial killer.

Fears Geelong woman may be victim of serial killer

Earlier this year NSW Deputy State Coroner Carl Milovanovich wanted police to set up a taskforce to reinvestigate a string of missing young women after learning the possible murder of Ms Carmichael was treated as a suicide for more than three years.

Enduring murder mystery: Was justice too swift?

The victim, Marion Hart, 39, was killed on the late afternoon of Oct. 13, 1915, in a rough-hewn, one-room shack at 1098 Old Stone Rd. -- now Richmond Avenue -- in Bulls Head on Staten Island's West Shore.

With pic of the shack. Imagine living in there with another person, two dogs, and a litter of puppies.

Porn Star Murdered in Woodland Hills

Michaels "was a nickel and dime player who always aspired to be a quarter."

Cops See Break in 1971 New Hampshire Murder

Autumn brings a chilling memory for many residents of Franklin, N.H. It's the time of year when Kathy Gloddy, 13 at the time, vanished in broad daylight almost 40 years ago.

Man-eating lions chewed on fewer humans than thought, say UCSC scientists 

The Paranomalist and Parafactor 

Gnomes - A Sustainable Population? 

'Russian road roulette' plagues streets of Sofia 

6 students attacked by ‘demons’ at Phumtile High 

The Bruton Vault Story 

Lost ancient temple in Mediterranean Sea points to underwater 'city' 

Town's alien rumor has lived 112 years 

Descendants of Pulaski give their side of his story 

Finding phantoms in the forest 

Revealed: Lea & Perrins 170-year-old secret recipe for Worcestershire Sauce 

Whence the Falklands Wolf? 

Has King John's missing treasure been found? 

How Superman Defeated the Ku Klux Klan 
Kal-El kicks klan kan.

Monday, November 02, 2009

British nuclear expert's 17th floor UN death plunge 'was not suicide' 

Paw print pointes to a werewolf costume 

England's Ancient Ridgeway Trail 

Lydia the Tattooed Lady 

An eye-witness speaks about the night the devil danced at Boccaccio's 

Book review: The men who stare at goats by Jon Ronson 

Cousin: Japanese captured Amelia Earhart 

Hong Kong police step up hunt for mystery high-rise acid attacker 

Family of missing cop Mick Isles turn to witchdoctor 

Peru's Nazca culture was brought down with its trees 

Legend of the Belt Road Booger 

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